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The Sangha will STRIKE back, the Spirit of the Saffron Revolution continues…

- By Anna Malindog | 28.09.2009

A week from now…Burmese monks will again challenge the repressive regime in Burma and once again demand from the Burmese military junta the following:

· Public apology for all the atrocities the junta committed against the monks.
· The release of all monks who are now in prison.

The Sangha gave the military regime an ultimatum on October 2 to deliver and grant these demands or the probability of the 2007 Saffron Revolution re-enactment will likely to take place on October 3 in which the monks once again will march and dominate the streets of Burma. The question as to the probability if the junta will indeed grant such demands of the monks is but a critical and alarming situation that all people who are concern of the plight of the Burmese people are but excitingly and fearfully would want to see and know. But knowing the junta, the monks already assumed that these demands landed on deaf ears as what happened last September 2007 and will remains as mere calls. If the monks are right, this is just a clear indication that the junta has remained and probably will remain unyielding to the prospect of peace, freedom and democracy in Burma.

However, if junta’s shuddering obstinacy in shuddering fears and instilling atrocities against the monks, against the pro-democracy movement and against the people of Burma remains, admirable and inspiring hopes on the other hand for peace, freedom and democracy and the spirit of bravery, steadfastness and solidarity of the Burmese monks to stand up to the Burmese military regime remains stronger than ever. The Burmese monks are but united and very much determined that if the junta will not fulfill their demands, they will once again occupy and march through the streets of Burma and rally the people calling for peace and freedom to reign in Burma. The monks are indeed ready to offer their very lives as sacrifices to remedy the sufferings that whole country and its people have been facing for more than two (2) decades now. And this seems to unfold in the coming week(s).
Given such aspirations, in solidarity, it but imperative for the international community especially the international civil society, governments and inter-governmental bodies and organizations to have a clear understanding how it could possibly help and support the movement of the Burmese monks for peace, freedom and democracy to flourish in Burma. To put this in perspective, it is significant for everyone to revisit what transpired in 2007 Saffron Revolution which may not be the first attempt to instill changes in Burma but probably the most conscious effort of the Sangha to facilitate changes in the country since time immemorial. And this sacred, most inspiring effort and deepest desire of the Burmese monks to free its country from the yoke of atrocities, brutalities, and the bondage of military regime, once again will be demonstrated this coming October 3 with the same demands and calls made by the Sangha last September 2007 – The Saffron Revolution. The world will once again witness the bravery of the Burmese monks in their quest for peace and freedom for Burma.
Now the question for the international community to consider seriously is how and in what effective, efficient and potent ways it can pragmatically support the movement of the monks for peace and freedom for Burma on October 3 and the days after… a challenging question indeed that needs a definite action and commitment… rather than mere words and written statements…
Thus far, there is no stopping in the struggle of the monks towards PEACE, FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY in a very hostile environment of Burma.
PEACE, FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.. no matter what’s the cost will and must triumph in Burma!

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